Goest Story

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Goest Ryder appeared in the hip hop scene in late 2013, let it be known, this Pittsburgh emcee has hit the ground running! His love for music started early on, while listening to his mothers vinyl collection. In the late eighties when Guns N’ Roses exploded onto the scene, young Andrew was transfixed by their music and their rock star persona. While his friends wanted the latest action figures, he wanted the latest cassette tapes. He knew then in his young mind that he wanted to grow up and be a rock star. In 1992, young Goest was introduced to Dr. Dre’s, The Chronic. From that point on, he fell head over heels in love with hip-hop. His passion for music drove him to start writing lyrics in hopes that one day his skills would land him a career as a 'ghostwriter'. Unfortunately, a series of life events landed Goest Ryder in prison. While incarcerated, his only outlet was his pen and his pad. He spent the next two years writing his story in the form of rhymes that would never shy away from being personal. He proved just how personal he was willing to go in his songs “Dependent On Chemicals” (about his drug addiction), and “Conflicted” (a heartfelt song written for his children). Both songs are going to be on his upcoming album "Goest Storiez: The Prologue" set for a 2019 release. After being released from prison in June 2013, Goest hooked up with long time friend, Bigg Will, who introduced him to producer, Mike Stylz. Stylz liked what he heard from Goest, and agreed to produce and record for him. After recording just a few songs for Goest Ryder’s solo project, Stylz asked him if he wanted to be apart of the new Lafiosa project. Goest agreed, making him a major contributor on the upcoming full-length Lafiosa album, in addition to his upcoming solo project. Goest Ryder is a talented emcee who currently has several projects in the making, as well as being very active in the underground music scene. He has been apart of national tours such as the "Never Sober Tour". He has rocked crowds of thousands with many artists including; Juicy J, Project Pat, Travis Scott, and many more. He will surely capture the hearts and minds of hip-hop fans. Expect big things from this truly talented and passionate young man who goes by the name of Goest Ryder. Soundcloud.com/goestryder Reverbnation.com/goestryder Facebook.com/officialgoestryder Twitter.com/goestryder @GoestRyder IG @GoestRyder *Join our mailing list for news, music, and free shit